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PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Event: Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate – “DIGITAL REAL ESTATE PLATFORMS”

Official Poster for PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Event
Official Poster for PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Event

In the next week, the 5th event organized by PropTech Vietnam Network with the theme: Digital transformation in real estate – “Digital Real Estate Platforms” will take place on November 19, 2020.

⏰ This event will bring together many experts representing: Real Estate Developers and Investors, proptech startups, traditional real estate brokers, banking, and technology.

🔥 The event will revolve around 6 main issues:

1. Overview of Vietnam PropTech Market

2. Share Report on proptech startup: Beike ( has a successful IPO in NYSE on 08/2020.

3. Overview of Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate Market

4. Lessons learned about Digital Transformation in the real estate market in Vietnam from the perspectives of: Investor, brokerage, proptech.

5. What are the opportunities for PropTech startups? Will PropTech startups (Rever, Propzy, Hoozing, Homedy, Homebase …) can “Disrupt” the real estate brokerage market in Vietnam?

6. Can PropTech startups cooperate with traditional brokers who are dominating the market for many years: Dat Xanh, CEN Land, Danh Khoi, Khai Hoan… or is this the battle “The Winner Takes It All”?


🌐 Registered link to receive the invitation letter:

📞 Hotline: 092 1900 888


Gold Sponsor: Houze Group

Silver Sponsors: ZumWhere, CirCO

Partners:,,, KIE.IO, FINA, Vietcetera.

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