Sep 24, 2023

PropTech ESG Forum 2023: “PropTech Sustainability - Catching The Next Wave Of Transformation”

PropTech ESG Forum 2023: “PropTech Sustainability - Catching The Next Wave Of Transformation”

In order toattract investors, gain customer trust, enhance financial effectiveness, andachieve a competitive edge, what should businesses do at this moment? Thedomestic and global real estate industry is entering a promising phase oftransformation with a focus on sustainable development. This trend becomesincreasingly evident as businesses worldwide seek to accelerate growth ratesand maximize profits.

ESG is nolonger an option; it has become a vital factor for success in the modernbusiness management revolution. Join us at the PropTech Vietnam's ESG Forum2023 with the theme "PropTech Sustainability: Catching the Next Wave ofTransformation." Here, we will collectively explore and exchange insightswith experts in project development, real estate investors, startups, andtraditional brokerage firms on the topic of sustainable development for realestate enterprises amidst the ongoing innovation revolution.


🎯 Our Speakers:

Panel 1: Real Estate - The Path to ESG Integration

- Miquel Àngel - Chief of Advisory & Board Member at CL2B Founder of MQL Sustainable & Tourism Services Ltd- ex-GM of Oakwood Worldwide Asia

- Mimi Vu - Partner, RAISE Partners Vietnam

- Ms Ngoc Anh Tran - Partner at Allens

- Moderator:  Ms Le Uyen Thao, Deputy CEO, Brain Hub

 Panel 2: Tech Applications in Real Estate

- Mr Thanh Cat Dang Khoa – Director of Business Development, FPT Software

- Mr Tu Hoang - Lead Consultant, BCG

- Mr Marc Townsend- Chairman, Arcadia Consulting (REBrokerage)

- Moderator:  Ms Tracy Vu - Head of Division, ERA VietNam

Panel 3: Green Finance - Challengs and Opportunities

- Mr Tran Anh Phong - Standarard Charter Head of Local Corporates

- Mr Stefano Pellegrino - Founder of Faber Capital (ClimateTech startup, good for banks & funds to track ESG performance)

- Mr Luis Vo - CTO Rever

- Moderator:  Mr Bao Nguyen - Managing Partner, Vietnam Capital Advisors


📌 Event Information:

- Time: 14:00 – 17:00 | Thursday, August 24th, 2023

- Location: Hai Ba Trung, DaKao, District 1, HCMC

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