Sep 24, 2023

PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Meetup: “Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate: Digital Real Estate Platforms”

PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Meetup: “Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate: Digital Real Estate Platforms”

According to Forbes, digital transformation is often seen as the result of “digitally native” companies such as Netflix, Uber and Amazon that have dramatically improved the customer experience of familiar industries. When younger generations enter the market, they are always online and are used to being connected quickly and instantly. This consumer mindset is making the real estate market transform to adapt to the call of the times.

4 reasons Real Estate needs a digital transformation during this Covid pandemic:

- The method of searching has changed for tenants and home buyers.

- The emergence of platforms connecting sellers and buyers.

- High demand for accuracy of information regarding the status of real estate.

- The necessity for properties and employees’ inspections.

PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Meetup: Digital Transformation in Real Estate: “Digital Real Estate Platforms” will bring to the table many perspectives and insights from experts who represent Real Estate Developers and Investors, PropTech Startups, traditional real estate brokers…

1 – Is there a digital transformation in reputable real estate companies in Vietnam?

2 – Will PropTech startups (Rever, Propzy, Hoozing, Homebase …) can “Disrupt” the real estate brokerage market in Vietnam?

3 – Whether PropTech startups can compete with the traditional brokers that are dominating the market for many years: Dat Xanh, CEN Land, Danh Khoi, Khai Hoan…

4 – Can PropTech startups, traditional brokers, foreign brokers and consultants be able to cooperate and develop or is this the battle of “The Winner Takes It All”

Let’s join with PropTech Vietnam Network to welcome our speakers!

Event information:

Time: 6:00 – 7:45PM, 19th November 2020

Hotline: 092 1900888 or

Location: CirCO – 47 Dong Du, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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Community partners:,, KIE.IO, FINA, Vietcetera.

Sponsors: ZumWhere, CirCO

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