Jun 24, 2023

PropTech Vietnam Map, Feb 2021

Dao Nguyen
PropTech Vietnam Map, Feb 2021
Digital Real Estate Ecosystem in Vietnam

2020 feels like a never-ending roller coaster, the pandemic shattered dreams, plans, and..PropTech startups. We bid farewell to Vietnam’s iconic brands such as #MuaBanNhaDat.vn (founded in 2007), #Christinas (one of the leading Hospitality startups since 2014), and other 22 listings, 15 coworking, 7 Leasing / Lettings. Yet, there is a silver lining.

2020 also produces a bunch of innovative tech startups in new biz models: Cloud Kitchen, CoLiving, Agent Services, Rent-to-own: #Homebasee secured a seven-figure pre-Series A) Tech-enabled Brokerage: #Propzyy raises $25m Series A round from Gaw Capital & SoftBank Ventures Asia. #OneHousing (launched by #OneMountGroup), a complete one-stop-shop platform for real estate transactions]

We are thrilled to release the PropTech Vietnam Map 2021. May the force be with you

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