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Virtual Event: The Shift to Digital and its impact on Industrial Real Estate”

Don’t miss our upcoming event, “The Shift to Digital and its impact on Industrial Real Estate”, which will take place on Thursday, August 19, 2021. Details on how to attend and purchase tickets:

🔥 This event will bring together industry experts to have a casual and interactive chat around technology, upcoming trends in the logistics and industrial market, especially in the context of digital transformation in Vietnam. Are you excited to meet our final list of speakers?
– Mr. David Jackson – CEO of Colliers in Vietnam
– Mr. Luong Quang Thi – Founder and Chairman, ABA Cooltrans
– Ms. Tran Huynh – COO, KCN Vietnam
– Mr. Joseph Lam – Investment Manager, Gaw Capital

and last but not least, our talented moderator, Ms. Hang Do – COO at Scommerce!

💝 100% of ticket sales will be donated to Lotus Charity Foundation to purchase ventilators for Covid-19 patients!

📝 Get ready to mingle, discuss and hear our speakers share their insights on multiple topics such as:
1. Impact of digitization on the industrial and logistics-related segments (cold storage, data centers, last mile logistics, etc.)
2. Current industry obstacles and what they mean for landlords, developers, operators and investors.
3. How to adapt to challenges during the epidemic season.
4. Opportunities for key industry players post-Covid.

We are also very honored to add Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam and HKBAV – Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam as our latest co-hosts!!!

🤝 Let’s exchange, connect and contribute to Covid-19 relief efforts during this historic time in Vietnam!

Event details:

📆 Time: 15:00 – 16:00 PM (Vietnam Time) | Thursday, 19th Aug, 2021
📍Venue: virtual via Zoom
☎️ Hotline: 092 1900 888

Lunch and Learn by PropTech Vietnam

3rd Lunch & Learn event: Speaker: Ms Hang Dang, Managing Director, CBRE Vietnam

“Vietnam still lacks Silicon Valley’s ‘pay-it-forward’ culture”. This seems to be inaccurate in PropTech 🙂 Our 1st Lunch & Learn’ speakers were tech founders, backed by renown VCs while our 2nd event featured, Vy Vu CFO, Son Kim Land, who is a great supporter for innovation.

Today, our PropTech community is extremely lucky to have Hang Dang (MD, CBRE Vietnam) to join our Lunch. We extend sincere and heartfelt thanks for your comments, advice, and insights about the current and future of Property and Technology in Vietnam.

Ms Hang Dang, Managing Director, CBRE Vietnam and Ms Vy Vu, CFO, Son Kim Land and

More photos:–TS7BptSuBvjl

@folks: if you wanna either attend our Lunch & Learn (mid-May), or join our upcoming MeetUp: “Real Estate FinTech” (May 20), please register your interest:
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PropTech Vietnam Network

Thanks for supporting PropTech Vietnam Network’s 5th MeetUp, November 19, 2020

PropTech Vietnam Network would like to express our sincere gratitude to our distinguished speakers: Ms. Hang Dang (Managing Director, CBRE Vietnam), Ms. Vy Vu (Managing Director & CFO, Son Kim Land), Mr. Nhan Vo (CEO, Empire City), Mr. Manh Phan (Founder, Rever), and Ms. RUBY NGUYEN (Head of Partnerships, OneHousing) for their meaningful insights, energy, and support for our 5th Meetup: “Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate”. 

We totally enjoyed the candid conversations while learning from high-flying real estate professionals Vietnam. Last but not least, we are grateful for our sponsors Houze Group, cirCO and ZumWhere who made this all possible! Especially, SonKimLand for the generous sponsor at Kyo Watami Grill & Sushi. 

More pictures on our meetup:

The event recording:

Please look forward to our 6th MeetUp: “Real Estate FinTech”!

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Official Poster of PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Event: Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate – “DIGITAL REAL ESTATE PLATFORMS”

Official Poster for PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Event
Official Poster for PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Event

In the next week, the 5th event organized by PropTech Vietnam Network with the theme: Digital transformation in real estate – “Digital Real Estate Platforms” will take place on November 19, 2020.

⏰ This event will bring together many experts representing: Real Estate Developers and Investors, proptech startups, traditional real estate brokers, banking, and technology.

🔥 The event will revolve around 6 main issues:

1. Overview of Vietnam PropTech Market

2. Share Report on proptech startup: Beike ( has a successful IPO in NYSE on 08/2020.

3. Overview of Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate Market

4. Lessons learned about Digital Transformation in the real estate market in Vietnam from the perspectives of: Investor, brokerage, proptech.

5. What are the opportunities for PropTech startups? Will PropTech startups (Rever, Propzy, Hoozing, Homedy, Homebase …) can “Disrupt” the real estate brokerage market in Vietnam?

6. Can PropTech startups cooperate with traditional brokers who are dominating the market for many years: Dat Xanh, CEN Land, Danh Khoi, Khai Hoan… or is this the battle “The Winner Takes It All”?


🌐 Registered link to receive the invitation letter:

📞 Hotline: 092 1900 888


Gold Sponsor: Houze Group

Silver Sponsors: ZumWhere, CirCO

Partners:,,, KIE.IO, FINA, Vietcetera.

Our speakers for PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Meetup: “Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate: Digital Real Estate Platforms”

Moderator: Ms Ruby Nguyen – Head of Partnerships, OneHousing; Founding member, One Mount Group


Ms. Vy Vu – Managing Director & CFO SonKim Land

Ms. Hang Dang – CEO, CBRE Vietnam

Mr. Manh Phan – CEO & Co-founder Rever

Mr. Nhan Vo – CEO, Empire City; Co-founder & Managing Director, Gaw NP; Advisor, PropTech Vietnam Network

Event information:

📍Time: 6:00 – 7:45PM, 19th November 2020

Hotline: 092 1900888 or [email protected]

📍Location: CirCO – 222 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

📍Register your interest: 

Since there is limited space, our organizers would like to select appropriate individuals to send instructions on the participation’s fee. This helps the meetup to be fully represented by: PropTech, a real estate investor and a brokerage…

Also, this is the first time that PropTech Vietnam Network has organized the event completely in Vietnamese format. Please keep that in mind when you are registering!


Gold Sponsor: Houze Group 

Silver Sponsors: ZumWhere, CirCO 

Partners:,,, KIE.IO, FINA, Vietcetera. 

PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Meetup: “Digital Transformation in Vietnam Real Estate: Digital Real Estate Platforms”

According to Forbes, digital transformation is often seen as the result of “digitally native” companies such as Netflix, Uber and Amazon that have dramatically improved the customer experience of familiar industries. When younger generations enter the market, they are always online and are used to being connected quickly and instantly. This consumer mindset is making the real estate market transform to adapt to the call of the times.

4 reasons Real Estate needs a digital transformation during this Covid pandemic:

✨The method of searching has changed for tenants and home buyers.

✨The emergence of platforms connecting sellers and buyers.

✨High demand for accuracy of information regarding the status of real estate.

✨The necessity for properties and employees’ inspections.

PropTech Vietnam Network 5th Meetup: Digital Transformation in Real Estate: “Digital Real Estate Platforms” will bring to the table many perspectives and insights from experts who represent Real Estate Developers and Investors, PropTech Startups, traditional real estate brokers…

1 – Is there a digital transformation in reputable real estate companies in Vietnam?

2 – Will PropTech startups (Rever, Propzy, Hoozing, Homebase …) can “Disrupt” the real estate brokerage market in Vietnam?

3 – Whether PropTech startups can compete with the traditional brokers that are dominating the market for many years: Dat Xanh, CEN Land, Danh Khoi, Khai Hoan…

4 – Can PropTech startups, traditional brokers, foreign brokers and consultants be able to cooperate and develop or is this the battle of “The Winner Takes It All”

Let’s join with PropTech Vietnam Network to welcome our speakers!

Event information:

📍Time: 6:00 – 7:45PM, 19th November 2020

Hotline: 092 1900888 or [email protected]

📍Location: CirCO – 47 Dong Du, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

📍Register your interest: 

Supporting partner:

Community partners:,, KIE.IO, FINA, Vietcetera.

Sponsors: ZumWhere, CirCO

PropTech VN’s 4th Meetup recordings:

PropTech Vietnam Network is proud to bring you insights with key leaders such as Ms. Vy Vu, Managing Director and CFO of SonKim Land, Mr. Alex Crane, Managing Director of Cushman Wakefield, and Mr. Phillip An, Cofounder of Homebase. Moderated by Ms. RUBY NGUYEN of One Mount Group and a member of the Board of Management, these industry experts and entrepreneurs discussed about the environment of Vietnam’s real estate sector as it pertains to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as future trends.

– FB:
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Thanks for supporting PropTech Vietnam Network’s 4th MeetUp, June 26, 2020

A huge thank you to all who attended the The 4th Meetup: “Vietnam Real Estate after the pandemic”, hosted by PropTech Vietnam Network this past Friday, Jun 06, 2020. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet so many PropTech startups, investors, and established real estate executive in the same room.

Special thanks to our dedicated speakers:

– Ms Vu Thuy Vy, the Managing Director in investment and corporate services at Kim Son Land. Previously, she worked for Central Trading & Development Group where she covers corporate financing for Phu My Hung Development Center. 

– Mr Phillip An, from Harvard, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street to creating a solution to home-ownership in Vietnam, Phillip is the cofounder of Homebase Homes , a home-financing solutions platform.

– Mr Alex Crane, Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam. With a long term strategic capacity and insights across both office and industrial portfolios, he advises a range of clients from developers, international investors and multinational corporations.

– Ms Ruby Nguyen, a Director of Proptech Platforms at One Mount Group, a new digital ecosystem jointly invested by VinGroup and some large conglomerates in Vietnam. Ruby worked at Facebook and Amazon, and holds an MBA from University of Chicago. 

Your attendance, participation, and thoughtful input made the evening a true success!! 100% of the profits will be donated to a local educational charity!

Last but not least, a special thank you to for their ongoing partnership in supporting PropTech Vietnam Network events!

More pictures on our meetup:

Registering for our events in 2020:
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+84 96 1600066 (Viber / Zalo)

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Vietnam Real Estate after the pandemic"

PropTech Vietnam’s 4th Meetup

“Vietnam Real Estate after the pandemic”

As we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, the real estate landscape in Vietnam is also shifting. Demand for office and retail space was disrupted and the segment is still recovering. The rental market is experiencing great challenges with rental dropping and many landlords are putting their house on sales. This may present good opportunities in the resale market. Huge growth that we previously saw in co-working space and short rental is heavily impacted and so is hospitality as borders are closed. So far we have not seen significant price crash in residential properties. 

In recent years, we started to see a wave of tech innovation in the real estate market. With a growing demand for data analytics for property transactions, development and valuation. This would help to digitalize and simplify the home financing experience and to give more financing options to customer. Despite this due to the nature of the market, we still face challenges such as a lack of financing support and legal worries for ownership, poor data reliability which together may hinder the growth of PropTech in Vietnam. 

Tonight, we will sit down with our panelists to look into the emerging trends across commercial, residential and hospitality sectors, the opportunities as well as challenges for the industry’s adoption of PropTech solution post the pandemic. 

PropTech Vietnam Network ‘s 4th MeetUp


Mrs Vy Vu, Managing Director, Son Kim Land

Mr Alex Crane, Managing Director, Cushman&Wakefield Vietnam

Mr Phillip An, CoFounder, Homebase

Moderator: Ms Ruby Nguyen, One Mount Group


Outreach partners:,,, KIE.IO

Media partner: Vietcetera